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Victim's Rights

Why would a victim of a crime need an attorney?

In Colorado, victims of crimes have specific rights under the Victim's Rights Act (VRA). District attorneys often like to say that they represent the victims, but they are not your attorney and cannot represent your interests.  In fact, many times the district attorney's position is contrary to the wishes of the victim. Their goal is often to get a conviction, regardless of how the victim is impacted. It can be a helpless and frustrating situation. 


Victims often reach out to me because they feel that the court system is not listening to them.  Sometimes victims feel that the police got it wrong and they need my help to set the record straight. Other times, victims of crimes are still traumatized from the crime and do not want to attend court, but they still want their voice heard. Many victims do not want to testify in a trial, either because they are frightened or because they just don't want to participate, and they want to know what their rights and options are.  

As your representative, I will make sure you are treated with respect and dignity and will advocate for your rights and interests. Everything we discuss is confidential. Call me today to see how I can help you. 

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