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Recent Success stories

  • Client was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. We received a Not Guilty verdict on all counts at a jury trial. 

  • Client was charged with Domestic Violence - Attempted Second Degree Assault. The case was dismissed.

  • Client was charged with DUI 2nd, BAC over .2, and speeding. Client lived out-of-state.  Result: the DA and judge agreed that my client did not have to return to Colorado for court and received 10 days of in-home-detention and unsupervised probation. 

  • Client was charged with Menacing. The case was dismissed the day before trial.

  • Client charged with Third Degree Assault and Harassment - Domestic Violence. Our investigation revealed witnesses who contradicted the statement by the alleged victim. Result: all charges were dropped. 

  • Client charged with DUI, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction of a Peace Officer, refused to take breath or blood test. Result: I won the DMV hearing and my client did not lose her drivers' license. My client plead to Reckless Driving with one year unsupervised probation. Other charges dropped. 


  • "Thank you you have definitely been amazing and having you in my life has truly been a blessing. You've helped me in so many ways and I'm so thankful for you ! " - Ashley K.

  • "Thank u Whitney for everything uv done n do for me since u became my lawyer. U have went far more beyond what anyone else in my life has ever done 4 me and not given up on me or judged me so thank u so much!!!"  - Jessica M.

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